About me

Digitalization has become a natural companion of our daily lives and is continuously changing the way we work, study and live. It does so in such a pace and intensity that it escapes our abilities to grasp it to the fullest.

My purpose with this blog is as follows: By using my knowledge and reflections on skills, learning and work, I want to give my perspective on this complex topic and help you better prepare for the future.

My name is Marija Stambolieva. I work in higher education, collecting evidence, and developing answers for the future of skills and work. I deal with topics such as transformations, changes in work, and competence requirements in the context of digitalization and diversity.

I also teach Methods of Learning and Scientific Research in Osnabrück as well as the Future of Work and European social policies in Malmö.

Under My Ressources you will find my comparative research on transformations as well as my work on digital tools, career orientation, learning and study success. In my blog you can read my reflections on 4.0 related topics. I write in German and English.