I think we can all agree that digitalization has become a natural companion of our lives. It is continuously changing the way we work, learn, and live. This occurs at such a pace and intensity that often eludes our ability to fully grasp it.

On mydigitalblog I share my knowledge and perspective on this complex topic in order to help you better prepare for the future.

I am Dr. Marija Stambolieva and I work as a data consultant. For many years I have studied the digital transformations in the industry and the future skills requirements and developed answers for the future of work and learning.

I also teach Methods of Learning and Scientific Work in Osnabrück as well as The Future of Work and European Social Policies in Malmö.

As part of Inclusive Tech I strive for more diversity in data and tech careers.

Under My Resources you will find my comparative research on social and digital transformations as well as my work on digital tools for study success and career guidance.

In my blog you can read my current reflections around 4.0 related topics.