I think we can all agree that digitalization has become a natural companion in our lives. It is continuously changing the way we work, learn, and live. Artificial intelligence is causing a new technological revolution and raising questions about the future of our jobs.

You want to pick up a new skill but are not sure where to start.

You want to pursue a (new) career but are not sure if it is future-proof.

Or you just wish to better navigate the digital world.

This site helps you with that.

I am Dr. Marija Stambolieva and I enable individuals to better plan for the future. I have studied the digital transformation for many years and created solutions for the future of skills and work. I assist businesses and organizations in taking a strategic stance on issues like data literacy and IT security.

Over the years I have taken on a variety of active positions in socially conscious projects and organizations. As a sponsoring member of Wikimedia Germany, I strive for free access to knowledge and education by supporting Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other projects.

Under My Resources you will find my published research on social and digital transformations as well as my work on digital tools for study success and career guidance.

In my blog you can read my current reflections on trending topics.