Open-Access and Non-Fiction Books 2022

The time around the holidays is ideal for thinking back on books that are worth remembering and anticipating new ones. Bloggers, influential figures, and magazines use the end of the year to post their favorites. So, if you follow a topic that interests you, it can be quite helpful to learn what’s hot and what’s good. Previously, I created my own book list for 2021 containing titles relevant to this blog’s topic (german edition).

This year, I am going with a different strategy and letting you select your own titles from the bookshelves of known publishers. This tip is still unique because you can find many books that are open-access and that you can basically download for free. Read for instance about social engineering, the psychology of fake-news or responsible artificial intelligence.

More collections here:

MIT Press

Taylor & Francis eBooks, Reference Works and Collections

Cambridge University Press

Springer Books

Transcript Publishing (

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