Update: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp 2.2)

In my post on digital skills I introduced the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens. The European Commission has recently updated the Framework which now has version 2.2.

What is new:

  • The DigComp 2.2 integrates the competence area, the respective skills, and the proficiency level. Thus you have a clearer overview of all three aspects in one place;
  • It contains 259 examples of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to help citizens engage confidently, critically, and safely with digital technologies (including systems driven by artificial intelligence (AI));
  • It contains use-cases on how to concretely apply the skill in a real-life scenario in the context of work or learning.

For example: in the competence area “Safety“, under the skill “Protecting personal data and privacy“, at an advanced level you are able to apply different ways to protect your data and privacy in digital environments. The various examples under this competence area include how to identify suspicious e-mail messages that try to obtain sensitive information, knowledge about secure electronic identification, or the skill to assess the benefits and risks before allowing third parties to process personal data.

Here you can download the new version and see all these examples, cases, and explanations.

Additionally, new tools have been released, such as:

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